Portfolio - Lovington Fire Station #2

Lovington Fire Station #2

Project Description



When the City of Lovington announced their necessity for a new Fire Station, members of Desert Peak Architects were eager to accept the challenge. As a rural and tightly-knit community, the City of Lovington is characterized by its agriculture and small-city charm. The new fire station offered a unique opportunity to provide an eye-catching landmark for the city that embodies the city’s progressive attitude towards public services. The 9,589 sf facility was designed to accommodate the city’s new arsenal of fire trucks and EMS vehicles, while providing comfortable living spaces that encourage team-building and a sense of brotherhood. Spaces with the facility include dorm rooms, a day room, a kitchen, a training room, a fitness room and apparatus bays with associated spaces.

  • Design addressed issues with truck turning radii by providing an on-site turn around. This allows the fire fighters to access the apparatus bays without having to back into the spaces from the street
  • Common area designed to encourage bonding among the fire fighters on-duty.
  • A variety of colors were composed on the facade to provide character.
  • The over-all form and materiality of the structure implies that the building is “safe” yet “inviting”and is there to provide services to the community.


City of Lovington, NM


1424 N. 17th Street
Lovington, NM 88260


New Construction


9,589 sf