About Us


Although Desert Peak Architects just recently opened for business, we have been working as an Architectural Team at a previous firm for a minimum of two years, and our experiences in Architecture are many. The timeline for our firm’s history may be short, but we have already established a sense of partnership and brotherhood together and are locked and loaded to design beautiful and functional spaces together as Desert Peak Architects.

  • August 2018 – Established Articles of Incorporation for Desert Peak Architects, P.C.
  • October 2018 – Beginning of Operations as Desert Peak Architects
  • November 2018 – Moved into first location in Downtown Las Cruces, NM


  • EXPLORE possibilities

  • IMAGINE new solutions
  • ENGAGE our community to create QUALITY ARCHITECTURE


The following are goals that Desert Peak Architects hope to achieve within the next ten years:

  • Become a well-recognized and respected firm within the building community of Las Cruces and the broader region

  • Develop a close relationship with Public and Private Education clients through the completion of multiple successful education projects.
  • Develop a close relationship with Doctors and Developers that aim to bring top-quality medical offices and facilities to the region.
  • Develop a close relationship with developers within our region to design new and exciting facilities that build upon the community
  • Establish a relationship with clients beyond Las Cruces to expand our region of influence
  • Develop upon our abilities to incorporate in-house custom fabrication of design elements for projects

Firm Members

Richard Haas AIA

Design Principal

Joseph Fuemmeler AIA

Project Architect

Gabe Lucero

Project Manager

Ruben Contreras II

Project Manager