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Mountain View Medical Office Building

Project Description



The Mountan View Medical Office Building is a two story facility intended to house the complex’s Children’s Center. The building is Type II Construction and is approximately 25,582 sf. The intent of the building’s exterior and overall form was to create a unique, yet conforming addition to the Mountain View Medical Campus. The interior of the building was to designed to function for multiple medical office types including urgent care and pediatrics. The interior finishes were intended to be professional, yet playful, since the facility is primarily for child care. The project is currently under construction, and is scheduled to be completed in early 2019.

  • The project involved the coordination of multiple parties and user groups. As a result, the initial layout of the building was altered multiple times to ensure that the Users would have functional and desirable spaces.
  • Challenges throughout construction have been quickly addressed to keep the project schedule on-track
  • The project was brought into budget through value engineering and by working closely with the contractor


Near, LLC


4401 E. Lohman Ave, Las Cruces NM 88011


Estimated $5,550,000


Design: 2 years (Entire Interior was re-designed at the Tenant’s request)  Construction: 14 Months