Who We Are

Desert Peak Architects is a Southern New Mexico firm that is dedicated to providing professional services and quality architecture to our region and our community. As local and long-time residents of New Mexico, we take pride in and appreciate our community, our state and the overall beauty of the
desert. Our vision for Las Cruces and the broader Region is to elevate the community through the development of vibrant, exceptional and well-crafted buildings.

As Architects practicing in the Southwest, the desert has taught us about conservation, sustainability, stewardship, resourcefulness and the over-all beauty of simple, yet ever changing forms. We are constantly inspired to incorporate this knowledge into our designs in hopes of defining a desert vernacular for buildings within our region. At Desert Peak Architects professional service pivots around great communications. It is our job to listen and to understand the needs, requirements and goals of the Client and the Project. By listening and understanding we are able to develop quality architecture that addresses the Client’s program, budget, schedule and desires. Quality Architecture provides long lasting value to the client and to the community. We aim to earn the respect and trust of clients by producing responsive, meaningful and beautiful spaces.



Optimism and Positive Attitude are lenses into the realm of Possibility. By approaching architecture with such a mindset, Desert Peak Architects collaborate to discover unique, yet simple solutions to design problems. Through this process, we honor and build-upon each other’s design expertise while simultaneously developing a sense of family within the firm.


  • Understand client goals and adopt them as our own

  • Create architecture that is responsive to both functional needs and the conditions of the site

  • Be good stewards of our resources and the built environment

  • Acknowledge and engage the community through design

  • Produce quality designs that add value to Client projects.


Following is a list of standard services provided by Desert Peak Architects:

Program Review

& Site Analysis

Desert Peak Architects will review the program provided by the Client and assess the feasibility of the project given the conditions of the site, budget and schedule. Site conditions are reviewed simultaneously through Site Surveys, Geo-technical Reports and on-site observations. Once the program has been validated and checked against the conditions of the site, Desert Peak Architects can begin the conceptual design process, also known as Schematic Design.

Schematic Design

& Preliminary Cost Estimation

Multiple solutions to your design problem can be developed in the Schematic Design Phase. Once the site conditions and program have been reviewed, a conceptual plan for your project can be developed. The plan begins to identify the relationship between programmed spaces with other spaces and the site.

Design Development

& Updated Cost Estimate

Upon approval of the Schematic Design Package, the next phase of the design process is Design Development. During the design development phase, decisions made during the Schematic Design Phase are further developed and articulated. During this phase of the project, we work closely with Engineering Consultants to articulate the design of systems outlined in the Schematic Design Phase.

Construction Documents

& Final Cost Estimate

The final phase of the Design process is Construction Documents. This phase is typically the longest phase of design, as it aims to articulate the design in terms of individual building elements that contractors can then assign pricing to. Detailed instructions for construction are paired with schedules of equipment, finishes, fixtures etc. Upon approval of the Construction Documents by the Owner, the documents are then typically distributed to multiple contractors for bidding.
Desert Peak Architects are here to help you through the rough times and decisions involved with the construction process, beginning with the Bidding and Negotiation phase. We will help you to make informed decisions when choosing the right Contractor for your project.
Construction can often be stressful and full of surprises; Desert Peak Architects are experienced problem solvers prepared to find solutions to the most difficult problems during construction. We remain vigilant throughout the construction of your project, so you don’t have to!


Desert Designs

Desert Peak Architects are a well rounded group of designers that have worked on various project types. Although a majority of our work is focused on Medical and Educational Facilities, we are familiar with designing projects from Hospitality to Public Safety Facilities. Our vision is to become a diverse and trusted design firm with a focus on protecting the health, safety and welfare of all within our region.

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